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Timble Hill

To reach this you cross the bridge between Fewson and Swinsty reservoirs towards Timble and when you reach the car park you take the small road of NORTH LANE, straight ahead, rather than following the main road round to the right.  For this timed effort I suggest you start your clock as you pass the telegraph pole just before the climb starts (marked no.5) and stop your click when you get to the telegraph pole at the crest which has climbing irons attached to its sides and is on the corner as the road swings into a tight 90deg right hang turn. Then insert your time in the box to the right and if you want submit your weight, age, gender for rankings (2) and (3) - see explanatory page.

Timble Bottom.jpg
Timble top.jpg

Start Point  (on left)             Finish Point  (on left) 

Timble Hill Challenge
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