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Tamina Oliver - making a comeback?

by John Wann, CyclingCoach

Rider Profile: Tamina is a strong rider, and I mean STRONG. I have seldom encountered an athlete who is prepared to push themselves as hard as Tam does. We started from that curious Q of "how do you get into a UCI race" and over 4 seasons built up to Tam racing most of the Belgian classics and tackling fearsome stage races like the Tour De L'Ardeche. If road cycling was less tactical and venturous then Tam's palmares would have been even stronger. But anyone who has ridden a women's UCI race knows that when 200 riders head down cobbled streets at 45kph things happen, frequently.  Tam has been there in the lead UCI group  only to be brought down in a crash, she's been optimally placed heading up the fearsome Muur and had another rider slip sideways onto her. Gaining your Palmares in UCI events is a frustrating business, and after 4 seasons racing in Europe she retired in 2016. But maybe new challenges are coming soon .....


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