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Who is Tamina Oliver?

by John Wann, CyclingCoach

Over the past 4 seasons that question has been asked quite often. Tamina ("Tam") doesn't come from a youth cycling background, so she wasn't known on the cycling scene.  She wasn't even an endurance athlete, but a dancer who cycled to get around cities.  But in her first season of 'trying out' racing on a bike she started placing in National level events. Just 36months later she has graduated to regular racing in International (UCI) events, including fearsome stage races such as the Tour Ardeche, has raced week long, multi-city criteriums in the USA and dominated cyclo-cross racing in southern leagues (Wessex League & Southern Champs).


Rider Profile: Tamina is a strong rider, and I mean STRONG. I have seldom encountered an athlete who is prepared to push themselves as hard as Tam does. If road cycling was less tactical and venturous then Tam's palmares would be even stronger. But anyone who has ridden a women's UCI race knows that when 200 riders head down cobbled streets at 45kph things happen, frequently.  Tam has been there in the lead UCI group  only to be brought down in a crash, she's been optimally placed heading up the fearsome Muur and had another rider slip sideways onto her. Gaining your Palmares in UCI events is a frustrating business, but after 3 seasons racing in Europe we are hoping 2015 will see the results she deserves.  Given Tam's very good power:weight ratio she favours tough, hilly races with plenty of ascent. This also tends to string out the bunch and minimize the crash-rate in such large peletons. Despite this preference racing in the USA (Tour of Diary Land) showed that Tam can hold her on with the top USA females in fast flat criteriums.


Road Race Results

UCI stage races 2014

Tour de Feminin Krasna Lipa

Stage 1                               6th 

Stage 2                               38th 

Stage 3                               23rd         

Stage 4                               26th 

Stage 5                               17th 

General Classification            14th 

Vrasene-Beveren 1.15 Elite Bene Ladies Tour

Stage 1                                70th 

Stage 2a                              71st  

Stage 2b                              50th          

General Classification            67th 


UCI Single Day 2014

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad        88th 

Gent-Wevelgem                   64th 

Boels Rental Hills Classic         48th

Durango-Durango                75th 


Domestic races

Banbury Star RR                   11th 

Twickenham CC #1               3rd 

Twickenham CC #2               3rd 

SE Regional RR Champs        14th

SW Regional RR Champs       1st 

East London Velo Series #7    3rd 

ACU Ludgershall Series #8      1st 

Thruxton Summer series        2nd

Eelmore Circuit series              1st

Castle Combe Summer series  1st

Mallory Park Series                  2nd


UCI & USA stage races 2013

Tour de Feminin Krasna Lipa

Stage 1                         66th

Stage 2                         75th

Stage 3                         49th     

Stage 4                         11th

Stage 5                         29th

General Classification      56th

Tour de Bretagne Feminin

Stage 1                         117th

Stage 2                         68th

Stage 3                         46th     

Stage 4                         34th 

General Classification      83rd

Lotto Belisol Belgium Tour                 

Stage 1                         15th

Stage 2                         79th

Tour Cycliste Feminin International de L’Ardeche 6 day tour

Stage 1                         108th

Stage 2                         125th

Stage 3                         114th   

Stage 4                         87th

Stage 5                         88th

Stage 6                         85th

Stage 7                         93rd

General Classification      86th

Tour of Americas Dairyland (ToAD)

Shorewood Classic          20th

East Troy Classic             27th

Giro d’ Grafton                39th

WaukeshaZach Classic    11th

Schlitz Park Crit                7th

Fond du Lac RR              15th

Elkhart Lake RR                7th

Fond du Lac Classic         27th

ISCorp Downer Classic     23rd

NCC Overall Final            19th

Pro Women Overall        19th


UCI Single Day 2013

Gooik-Geraardsbergen     54th


Domestic races

Rockbeare Road Race      1st

Chard Wheelers RR          1st

Bedford 3-Day WTS               

Race Stage 1                  19th

TTT  Stage 2                   6th

Race Stage 3                  36th

Banbury Star RR              8th

Blackpool 2-day WNS

ITT                                  4th

Race Stage 1                   6th

Race Stage 2                   6th

General Classification        5th 


UCI stage races 2012

Lotto Decca 3 day tour                       

Stage 1                         58th

Stage 2                         46th

Stage 3                         55th

General Classification      49th

Tour Cycliste Feminin International de L’Ardeche 6 day tour

Stage 1                         45th

Stage 2                         56th

Stage 3                         57th     

Stage 4                         66th

Stage 5                         54th

Stage 6                         22nd

General Classification      57th


2012/11 International & National Events

Bedford Intern 2-Day:             14th on GC

Brnmyr  Welsh Open RR:         5th

National Tour Series (Crit):        8th

BC NS Capernwray RR             2nd

BC National RR Championship  25th (2011)


2012/11 Domestic races

Jubilee RR:                               6th & ‘Queen of the Mountains’

Imperial Mens Circuit Race        1st (F)

Ludgershall Circuit                    1st

Thames Women’s Criterium      1st

Jersey State Criterium               6th

Jersey State Open Road Race   4th

10th BC West Thames Race                        

RC Men’s (Elite/1/2/3)               1st (F)

12th BC West Thames Race

Men’s (Elite/1/2/3)                     1st (F)

Imperial Winter Series                2nd


Time Trial Results

Mal Rees Open 10mile TT           1st female [23:46 – windy conditions]

National 10 mile TT Champs:      7th


Cyclocross Events 2014

Wessex League            1st

Wessex League            1st

Wessex League            1st

Wessex League            1st

Wessex League            1st

Wessex League            1st

BC National Trophy       6th

Wessex League            1st

Wessex League            1st

Wessex League             1st

Wessex League             1st

South of England CX Champs  1st

Nat CX Champs (2013/14):  15th


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