Norwood Lane

Head out through Beckwithsaw and take the road towards Otley. As you exit Beckwithsaw you find a sign to Fewson on the right. That is Norwood lane and there is a steady climb to a car park at the corner of Stainburn Forest.  For this timed effort I suggest you start your clock as you pass the sign for 'Sheep' and stop it as you near the corner but pass the sign for 'Ice'  PLEASE BE CAREFUL as you approach the trees on this lane AS THE TARMAC IS BROKEN and you need to move towards the white line. STAY SAFE AND CHECK BEHIND YOU, do not take risks just to get a good time!.  As before insert your time in the box to the right and if you want submit your weight, age, gender for rankings (2) and (3) - see explanatory page.

Norwood Lane Challenge
Gender (optional)

Start Point  (on left)             Finish Point  (on left) 

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