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Welcome to Athlete-Centered Coaching

Every athlete is different and has different strengths and weaknesses.  You can guess that any website that caters for large numbers of riders probably uses "generic" sessions for many of them. I don't do that and every rider is assessed in terms of their specific needs and sessions adjusted on a daily & weekly basis based on their ongoing performance metrics.

I cater for a very small number of riders, focussing specifically on female riders and youth riders. Each rider receives 1-to-1 attention, testing, year plans and weekly training with the aim of enabling them to reach the highest level that they are capable of. 

Analysis of Technique
Power Testing
CyclingCoach provides

Individual coaching for road & track racing coupled with group track training for aspiring young athletes.  Personalized coaching for female riders entering national level events.

Race-Specific Training

Harrogate, N. Yorks, UK

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